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Help & Info about FileZilla for windows

  • What is FileZilla?

    This is open source, cross platform software that allows users to transfer files over the Internet. It was initially released in June 2001, and has risen to become a very popular piece of software amongst certain users of the Internet, such as webmasters and web designers.
  • Is FileZilla safe?

    The software has had issues in the distant past with malware, but the current version is free of any viruses and malware. Some users do, however, have an issue with the fact that the program stores passwords in plain text, rather than encrypting them. This can make it vulnerable to hackers.
  • Is FileZilla free?

    Yes, the software is entirely free, with no hidden extras. It is also open source, which means that users can study the actual building blocks of the program itself.
  • Does FileZilla use FTP or STFP?

    It supports both of these functions.
  • Can FileZilla be automated?

    At the time of writing, this software does not allow for the automatic writing of, or repeating of, scripts. However, if users do not prefer the manual method, there is an abundance of third party programs to help them with this.
  • Can FileZilla unpack and extract ZIP files?

    In an unmodified, out of the box state, this program does not have the ability to extract ZIP files. However, if the user adds '.zip' to the list of filetype exceptions, ZIP files can be directly opened by the software and, by using the edit function, such files can be extracted.
  • How often is FileZilla updated?

    As the software is open source, constant updates and tweaks are being churned out by the online community that uses it. As of March 2018, nearly 60 'revisions' have been made to the software in 2018 alone. These revisions are usually nothing more than minor tweaks, to either security or performance, but they do ensure that the program is safe and as up to date as possible.
  • What platforms is FileZilla available for?

    As the makers of the software pride themselves on the cross platform nature of the product, this of course means that the program is available on a multitude of different platforms. Windows, Linux and Mac are a few of the many platforms that are supported.
  • How do I install FileZilla?

    This software can be installed in three different ways: the installer version, which is for the novice user, it can be easily downloaded and installed; the zip version, which requires the files to be unpacked before being installed; and the source code version, which is for the advanced user who wants to deeply analyse and perhaps modify the very essence of the code.
  • Is FileZilla portable?

    The standard software is not portable, however there is a separate portable version available for Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10, plus Linux. This version, last updated in February 2018, allows the user to store their server on a portable device - such as a USB stick or portable hard drive.


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